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Anscombe Art

Welcome to my website! Have fun exploring and checking out my artwork for purchase and special orders. Please feel free to leave me your feedback and/or questions you may have about the artwork  or work you would like to have painted.
About the Artist

Michele Anscombe is best known for her ability to express and capture atmosphere and personality within and surrounding her subjects. Michele hopes to connect with the subject and viewer through her expressive, yet realistic, painting style. Her paintings include a broad range of of subjects and mediums including pencil, watercolor and acrylic on a wide variety of projects and artwork with landscape, insects, mammals and amphibians. After receiving her degree in Fine Art she has concentrated  on creating and exhibiting artwork and sharing her passion for art through teaching both formal and informal classes, at all levels, from beginners to college students. Michele's drawings and paintings have been exhibited and purchased throughout the state and nation and she enjoys doing both  large and small scale art as each offers a different and unique creative experience.

Check out my new artwork!

New artwork is being added regularly. Make sure you check back often to see what's new


call/text 810-623-9021


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