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All Dogs Art Gallery


Acrylic and Watercolor paintings of our canine friends. Enjoy browsing through the artwork as you find your favorite breed. Custom orders are available upon request and discussion of your specific desired pose, background and size. Please feel free to inquire with any or all questions through the contact page.

Dog Show Mural

"Dog Show" Prints for Purchase

High quality giclee prints are available of the"Dog Show" mural. Each print is full image of the entire painting. I am able to print additional sizes upon request and discussion. Please let me know if you have additional comments or questions regarding this or any piece of my artwork.


Over 150 life size American Kennel Club dogs are represented in this mural. This large scale acrylic painting spans 20 feet x 5 feet. As each dog relates to the other breeds, their individual physical attributes and personalities are taken into consideration. There is a considerable amount of detail captured throughout the painting and a wide variety of breeds shown together as one expansive group that interact with each other as well as the viewer. The portraits have been painted with acrylic paint on a natural canvas in a method similar to watercolor or staining through multiple layers of paint. This has created an effect of fur and hair, focusing special attention to the type hair, coat or any other characteristic that individualizes one dog breed from another.

Paintings and prints available

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